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When I decided I was going to remove as much single use plastic from our lives as possible, I went to every room in the house and made a list of the things I had to find replacements for.  Well, primarily for it's versatility — the many uses of coconut oil make it super easy to reap its health benefits in all areas of my life. You don't have to use a different stick everyday, but once it's time to get a new stick, choose a different brand or scent. I did experience a burning sensation when I first used it but I dumped it all back in a bowl, added a bit more coconut oil and more corn starch. We mix this up without any essential oils and it has no scent that a normal nose can detect, but I guess that might depend on the brand of coconut oil you choose.

homemade deodorant with coconut oilThe mechanism for zinc ricinoleate working as a deodorant isn't exactly known, but it is thought to absorb the odors somehow without inhibiting natural perspiration. I've also made a similar coconut oil/baking soda deodorant without the clay, and it's ok too. When using the oil in a liquid state (in the summer, warmer climates), 6 T will be plenty to make your deodorant thick.

For example, I found a website that I love where I can purchase a large amount of Shea butter that will last me for quite sometime, and it's a better deal than buying the smaller containers that I was able to find at the store. In my experience though, people who react to homemade solid (stick) or paste deodorants containing baking soda have no problem with a powder version.

I HATE having even slightly damp under-arms, but here is something that works: apply a light layer of stick deodorant, then a layer of powder deodorant with a good powder puff. I now use a coconut milk and egg-white based shampoo/conditioner with no chemicals or anything unnatural added in and it works great.

My son is only 10 and doesn't currently need deodorant yet, but I am sure the day will come rather soon. Most cold wax strip kits like the one by Parissa come with an oil based wax remover that works pretty well. When I were white tops, and after along days of work my shirt's underarms are oily looking and feeling and they smell like tea tree oil. Right now we're going through a series on 31 Days to Green Clean , talking about everything green, natural and homemade Deodorant with coconut Oil cleaning for all around your home. Thanks for such a great recipe, I just wish the baking soda didn't make my pits feel like fire!

Once and a while it isn't going to kill you, but you should do better for your body." Sushi can still be a healthy choice, but stick with salmon or yellowfin tuna to ensure you're eating what you think you ordered. Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet, but it might help with the rashes if you use a natural, aluminum-free baking soda, rather than traditionally-derived versions like Arm & Hammer.

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